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The Coves:
The Coves is considered by many to be one of the premier neighborhoods in Kansas City. The neighborhood is a Missouri corporation listed as Coves Homes Association, Incorporated.

Built in 1969 by the Jim Young Development Corporation, The Coves was one of the first residential developments built in Kansas City north of the Missouri River. With 519 total family units, The Coves is made up of 386 single family homes, 72 town home units housed in 17 town home buildings and 61 village homes.

The Coves not only provides high-quality homes that have withstood the test of time, but sits on a pristine piece of land, surrounded by lakes, sidewalks and mature shade trees. Our residents enjoy the use of two lakes, a tennis court, children's playground, lakefront picnic area, large swimming pool and a well-equipped clubhouse. Our neighborhood has sidewalks throughout, providing a welcoming ambiance for walking, jogging, bicycling, and family living.

The Coves is six miles south of Kansas City's International Airport (KCI) and twelve miles north of downtown Kansas City and is conveniently located near shopping, restaurants, doctors offices, long term medical care and a top-rated hospital. We are also located in the AAA-rated Parkhill School District.

"The Coves Homes Association, Incorporated" provides services to all homeowners. All homeowners pay dues to cover the services provided by the Association which is governed by a five member elected Board of Directors. The services provided may range from mowing lawns, plowing snow, and for some, complete home maintenance. Our monthly newsletter, the Beacon Light, is sent to all residents so they can be well-informed on all the goings-on in the neighborhood.

We are proud that The Coves has maintained its beauty and prominence for four decades. Please enjoy our website!

Board Meetings:
• The Coves Homeowners Association board meetings are held the fourth Thursday of each month except for November and December at 7pm in the clubhouse. The public is invited.
• The annual meeting is held on the third Monday of November at 7:30pm in the clubhouse. The public is invited.

The Coves clubhouse, located at 8221 N Overland Drive, offers an elegant setting for meetings and social gatherings. The clubhouse may be used by any homeowner living in the Coves.
• The clubhouse has a complete kitchen, large cloak room, two fireplaces, a dining room, card or meeting room, and a beautiful great room with wood parquet floors on the main, or entry level. The great room overlooks the swimming pool, tennis courts and lake. The lower level contains two bathrooms and a full bar. The lower level also has a swim team meeting room, and a utility room and garage that are not available (to the public) when renting the clubhouse. The third level has an open balcony area and a separate room used for storage. The clubhouse is comprised of 3,900 square feet on the three levels.
• The clubhouse may be reserved by calling First Service Residential at 414-5300. The daily rental fee is approximately $200. More, if the function is for more than 50 people. This fee (and deposit) must be paid in-advance. The daily rental period is from 11am through 10am the next day.
• In addition. there may be a $100 clean-up fee. If you clean the clubhouse, this fee is not charged.
• An additional $350 damage deposit is required at lease time. This amount will be refunded after the clubhouse has been inspected and determined to be in good condition.
• Detailed instructions, with photographs are posted in the clubhouse specifying clean-up requirements and furniture arrangement.
• Rental of the clubhouse does not include usage of the pool or pool area.

• The Coves declaration of restrictions and By-laws indicate that committees can be appointed to assist the Board in carrying out it's duties. The following pages contain information regarding the various committees that are active in our neighborhood.
• You are encouraged to volunteer for a committee by contacting the chair person of the committee or a member of the Board of Directors. You may also send your name and choice of committee through the "Feedback" feature page of this web site.

Architectural Review Committee:
• The Architectural Review Committee attempts to assure that the Coves is maintained to a high standard. These guidelines are found in our "Standards" document.
• Each homeowner making modifications must have written approval prior to those modifications taking place. The Architectural Review Committee must review and approve all modifications ahead of time. These modifications include adding or changing fencing, changing house paint color, roofing material and roof color, etc.
• The architectural review form must be filled out and approved. Failure to do so may result in work being un-done.
• Please print the form, fill out and mail to First Service Residential or the Architectural Review Chairman.

Swim Team:
The Coves Swim Team competes against other swim clubs in the Northland Swim Conference. All children between the ages of 5 to 18 are eligible and welcome. Our team was originated in 1973 to provide all our neighborhood children an opportunity to compete in swimming. Since inception in 1973, the swim team has been associated with the National USA Swimming Organization.
The swim program is designed to provide opportunities to develop young people physically and to provide instruction in water sports and safety. Team members learn to set goals and dedicate themselves to accomplishing those goals. Responsibility, community spirit and team work are emphasized in order to develop a high level of self-esteem in each child.
The swim team also improves and enhances the family unit by involving the parents. The swim team program utilizes many parents to staff the swim meets as timers, judges, coordinators and record keepers. Children and parents enjoy the swim team and the swim meets as a time for competition and socialization.
The Coves Swim Team is one of our neighborhood's greatest assets! It is a source of neighborhood identity and pride.