The Coves pool is one of our many wonderful assets.  Some consider the pool our flagship amenity.  The pool opens for the summer on Memorial day weekend and closes for the winter after Labor day.  It is open daily. 

The pool is a large Olympic sized pool with five, twenty-five meter, racing lanes and individual starting blocks for competitive Northland Conference swim meets.  The pool contains approximately 250,000 gallons of water with a twelve foot deep end and a three foot shallow end.  The pool also has a one meter spring diving board, and an elevated lifeguard platform.  There are always two, Red Cross, certified lifeguards on duty.  The guards are also trained in CPR, emergency response, and hazardous chemical handling.  There is a pay telephone available at poolside, as well as bathroom facilities and automated snack and drink machines. Picnic tables with umbrellas and lounge chairs are available at poolside.  


bulletMonday through Sunday, 11am to 9pm.  These are the normal hours.  At the start and end of the season there are several weeks that the pool will have reduced hours due to school being in session and lifeguards not being available to be at the pool.
bulletDuring the swim season there may be an occasional home swim meet on a Thursday.  On these home swim meet days, the pool closes at 4pm for the home and visiting swim team warm-ups.
bulletDuring swim team season, the swim team has exclusive use of the pool for practice from 7am until 11am, Monday through Friday.  Swim lessons will be given  from 11am to 12pm. 
bulletFor published Coves neighborhood scheduled events, such as a pool party or swim team picnic the pool will close early on those  days.
bulletFrom 11am to 12 noon, Monday through Friday there is a lap lane dedicated to adults who wish to swim exercise laps. 
bulletFor ten (10) minutes each hour, starting at ten minutes before each hour, only the shallow end of the pool will will be open for adults (19 and over).  This is to allow the life guards time to clean bathrooms and attend to items in the pump room and apply chemicals. If no adults are present, there will be no swimming allowed.


bulletAll pool users must register and/or sign-in at the gate each time you use the pool.
bulletAll pool patrons must either be a Coves resident and be current on their homeowner dues, or be a guest of a Coves resident.   Guests must be accompanied by a resident.
bulletNo glass in the pool,  on the deck, or nearby surrounding area!
bulletNo pets in the pool or on the pool deck.
bulletNo drinks, food or tobacco in the water.   Please refrain from bringing messy food items into the pool area.
bulletAppropriate swimwear is required in order to enter the water. (No street clothes, cut offs, etc.)  Children that are not toilet trained must wear swimming diapers.
bulletAll children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult.  Any child (person) who can not swim must be supervised by an adult.
bulletRespect the authority of the lifeguards.  Immediately respond to their directions.
bulletAny inappropriate behavior may  result in loss of pool privileges.
bulletNo private parties are allowed at the pool.  Coves Homes Association sanctioned parties must be scheduled in advance.   Any homeowner bringing more than 4 guests must obtain prior approval from the pool manager.  
bulletNo diving from the pool deck.  Diving is allowed only off the diving board - straight ahead of the diving board.
bulletNo running on the pool deck.
bulletNo loud or foul language.
bulletHeadsets must be used for radios, stereos, cassette players, etc. . .
bulletNo foul or profane language (remember, this is a family pool). 
bulletNo horse-play in the pool or surrounding area.  No pushing, jumping on others, no fighting, etc. .
bulletNo swimming permitted before, or after pool hours.
bulletNo playing with pool equipment.
bulletNo hard objects allowed in the pool.
bulletSmoking is allowed only in designated areas.
bulletNo illegal substances will be allowed.  No illegal activities will be permitted.  No violence will be permitted.
bulletAll State, City and Red Cross safety and health regulations will apply and be enforced.
bulletThe diving board and deep end of the pool is allowed only for swimmers that can swim, without assistive swimming devices, the length of the pool.
bulletThe diving area is not for general swimming.  Deep end swimming is allowed in the north two lanes.
bulletDiving is only allowed off the front of the diving board. No diving allowed off the side of the pool or board.
bulletNo flips, of any type, are allowed off the diving board.
bulletNo flotation devices, of any kind, are allowed in the deep end.
bulletOnly one person at a time is allowed on the diving board.


    Northland Pool Management Company, Inc.